Please see some of the testimonials from my clients. In the interest of client/counsellor confidentiality, none of my client’s names have been disclosed.

I highly recommend Kathy as a counsellor, she has been of great support and comfort to me during my most difficult and challenging times. During my time with Kathy I have been able to rebuild my life and my confidence.

If you had asked me five years ago if I would ever need counselling I would have laughed. But, sometimes, life can throw a curve ball that can literally turn your world upside down. When I started counselling my confidence was at rock bottom, my stress levels were sky high and my home-life and business were both hanging by a thread. I didn’t know if counselling was the answer but I was desperate and willing to try almost anything. Kathy instantly made an impression on me; she was warm, friendly, patient and an utter professional. Counselling did work for me, it gave me the confidence I needed to rebuild my business and an inner peace that has completely changed my life. I fully believe I’m a better person for the experience and I’m definitely a happier one. I will always be grateful that counselling was the path I chose at my lowest ebb and that Kathy was the counsellor I picked for my journey.

Kathy is warm, calm, professional and reliable. She has opened my eyes to things I was unable to see before and has guided me back to being a happy and confident person again.

Kathy has been an amazing support for me. Her compassion and understanding has really helped me tackle and deal things that I had been ignoring for too long. Her comforting nature helps me feel relaxed and at ease during our sessions and it’s great to know I can talk to her about anything without feeling judged or uncomfortable.

Kathy is an excellent therapist, I have always felt welcome, safe, cared for and listened to in therapy sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to family and friends.

Kathy is a very kind gentle lady. I was very nervous at my fist meeting with her, but after my session I felt a warm & relaxed feeling, I felt at last I have found someone I can talk to. 
Each time I come away I think about the things we have talked about & feel happier in myself. I have seen other counsellors but felt so alone as if it must just be me. Not any more, I feel I’m getting the understanding that I needed.

Before I went to see Kathy I thought I didn’t need to see someone but people kept on at me so I thought to keep them happy I’ll go. I went to my session thinking I don’t need to be here. As soon as I arrived and Kathy opened the door with her big welcoming smile. I felt comfortable instantly and everything just poured out. My younger brother had committed suicide 3 yrs beforehand and I had never dealt with it which turned my life upside down. I was in self destruct mode. Running my own business that was going nowhere, drinking too much and close to losing a person that I love.  But every week I would come away on a high and even look forward to going. The feeling of being able to talk to someone so freely is priceless. A year on I’m a changed person. I’m in a stable job finally flying the nest with my other half and drinking well I do it now and then. I cannot thank Kathy enough for helping me change my life around. She will always be considered a dear person and have a space in my heart.

I came across Kathy as she was recommended by a friend who had undergone marriage counselling with her. From the moment I stepped into her home I felt at ease. She allowed me to open up about anything that was troubling me whilst feeling safe and secure. I have always left her feeling positive, and knowing that if I needed her before our next appointment I only had to pick up the telephone. Kathy’s support to get over things that have happened in the past and deal with new changes in my life has been priceless. She is very down to earth, and truly cares about her clients. I have recommended Kathy too many people and will continue to do so.

I wanted to write this to try and convey my appreciation of the care and support I have received in the 3 years I have been in therapy. 
During what was a bad relationship (with my partner at the time) I decided I needed help after reaching rock bottom – I thought I’d been there before but nothing prepared me for the pain I felt his time round.  For the first time in my life I had thoughts of ending my life despite being prescribed medication, which just wasn’t enough in itself this time to get me through this most traumatic time of my life. 
I’d lost all the belief in myself, in my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and just didn’t understand why ‘I wasn’t enough’ for someone. 
Having visited a counsellor in the past for a period of months I thought I had an idea of what to expect this time 3 years ago – however what I found was someone who is very caring and warm with a genuine interest in getting to know me and help me – which was not my previous experience.  That’s not to say that the previous counsellor wasn’t good, but what I am trying to say is that Kathy was the right counsellor for me.  
I am a sensitive but headstrong person and I needed someone who understood that despite my confident, hard faced exterior (which I gather some people see in me), I am in fact quite a delicate sensitive soul.  Because Kathy has gotten to know the real me I have felt a security which I don’t think I would have felt had I been in therapy with a ‘different’ type of counsellor – who might have made me feel like ‘just another patient’. 
Kathy has taught me to see my thoughts and feelings as justified and relevant, and to learn to trust my instincts again.
Kathy walked beside me the last 3 years – I felt she was there by my side all the way through.  I have complete trust in her and she has provided reassurance while I took huge risks in order to seek out happiness.  Risks which had it not been for her I don’t know if I could have taken them, and ultimately ended up where I am today.  
Today I am continuing with my therapy because for me personally it is an on going path which can only enhance my life.

“Kathy has helped me enormously with my personal issues since my first visit to her and from day one I felt completely comfortable in her company, she never judged me and I always felt completely at ease. She has helped me combat my fears and my self-confidence issues and I have never felt stronger and I am sure I will continue to grow. I really couldn’t have done it without her, she has been my rock”

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